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Twee Gispen model retro stoelen

Twee Gispen model retro design stoel chrome buisframe met gevormde houten zitting uit 30 juni 1960 (gestempeld op onderkant) nu op onze site. Zeer degelijk voor de vintage liefhebber.  en

Groet, Curiosa Bella.

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Site Curiosa Bella online

After a few weeks of programming and photographing, this is finally the site of Curiosa Bella online. On my site you will find Vintage, Retro, Curiosa and other striking items that I have collected over time.

My house is bulging and I have to sell something to make room for new things. I am not a company and therefore sell these items for a fair price. They are definitely worth a second (often third) life. No junk is offered. You will certainly be satisfied with your purchase.

The complete filling of the site will take some time but there are already some things that can be reserved. To celebrate that we are online now, I will give you a discount voucher with a 10% discount in February and March! You can indicate this with your order. Coupon code is: Bellasactie .



Curiosa Bella