Terms and Conditions

Some conditions in which we indicate how we act together so that there are no misunderstandings.

  1. I do not abuse the information you provide me. These are for communication only and are not provided to third parties. Your data is in good hands and will be destroyed after the ordered items have been shipped.
  2. This site was created out of a hobby to sell my own things, there is mostly only one of each product. There is also no profit motive. I am not a commercial company. The items are sold at my purchase price, or often even below, and a small expense allowance for maintenance of the website, packing and handling.
  3. After your reservation / order you will receive an email with the amount to be paid in total (including shipping), how we will handle the order and my IBAN code or address if you come to pick up. After transferring the correct amount to my account number, your items are sent as quickly as possible by POSTNL bus or parcel service.
  4. Shipping costs are on top of the amount for which my items are offered on the site.
  5. The items will be shipped carefully packed.
  6. The items offered by me here comply with the description given on the site and placed photos.
  7. In principle, supplied items can not be returned. I am not listed as a company under 2. and do not have a return department.
  8. You can cancel your order at any time until you have paid and your order has been shipped.
  9. The buyer is responsible for the risk of parcels getting lost and / or damage caused by shipping, unless otherwise agreed.
  10. Collection is only possible by appointment.
  11. Are there any problems? then we will get together in all reasonability!
  12. Both Curiosa Bella and the buyer behave correctly on the site and with each other during email or telephone traffic.
  13. When subscribing for the newsletter or a reservation / order you subscribe to the above conditions.
  14. Finally, I wish you a lot of curiosity fun on my site.


Curiosa Bella